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Post  Chasmira1060 on Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:58 pm

I guess this doesn't fit exactly under film, but close enough. My mom, friend Jonathan, and I, recently got the blessed opportunity to see "Phantom of the Opera" at the St. Louis Fox Theatre. It was phenomenal. The acting, sets, singing--everything. Here's the review I had to write for a class of mine so you can an idea of how great it really was:

This was an excellent performance. The first time I saw this production at the FOX, the actors/singers weren't very good and the special effects, or lack thereof, were even worse. But this production was phenomenal. The singers/actors not only had beautiful voices but played their characters well. I liked this particular interpretation of the phantom. While he acted like an intimidating person, there were times you saw what a frightened child he was inside. The actor showed this well in a couple scenes. The first was when Christine first removes his mask, revealing his disfigured face. After going ballistic, he falls to the floor. Then, instead of rising, he crawls towards her while begging her to see the man behind the monster. A little disturbing to watch—and thus effective. Then, at the end, when he lets Christine and Raoul escape and they are sailing away, he cries after her, "I love you Christine!" The way he repeats this several times, showing his desperation, as if by those simple words he can bring her back. Overall, the actor thoroughly portrayed a man teeming with genius yet childlike qualities all at once. I liked Christine's character too. It was very feminine and she was definitely one of those girls who likes to be led and cared for and was genuinely scared. The phantom too was good at seeming genuinely unstable and thus frightening but the audience could also feel true sympathy. Overall an amazing performance.
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