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Special consideration needed for adhering to quality standards

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Special consideration needed for adhering to quality standards Empty Special consideration needed for adhering to quality standards

Post  Lexie Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:01 am

Almost all the leading builders use products having Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or Indian Standards Institute (ISI) norms and marks.  All Tata building construction products and materials have BIS or ISI marking as prescribed under the Indian Standards Institution (Certification Marks) Act of 1952.  Further, for columns, beams and other key parts of the building only the products from the leading building materials manufacturers are used. 
Before building an Apartment in Kochi , enquiring with the Indian Standards Institute will help to understand the recent changes in the rules and regulations.  In this way, the scientific objective of each and every norms and regulations and the impersonal quality controls prescribed can be achieved.  Also the subjective unscientific quality controls based on personal whims and vagaries can thus be eliminated. 
Successive state governments have passed resolutions long back to give price and product preferences even in building construction tender notices for using materials having BIS (ISI) norms and marks.  Such steps were initiated to achieve uniform and standard quality in the work done.  The Government of India has also given similar directives.  Therefore, the state government must insist on all ISI norms and regulations and give first preference to those that use all or the maximum quantity of building materials having BIS (ISI) norms and marks.  This insistence will encourage and spread the development of new building material industries in India. 
As of now the Central and state governments have done everything possible but unfortunately the civil engineering fraternity is not responding to these initiatives.  Hence, one is forced to write with such burning words in the interest of one and all in general and for the progress of science and technology in particular.


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