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Post  Chasmira1060 Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:39 pm

Share your testimony of when you got saved--accepted Christ as Lord and Savior--here. I'll go ahead and start. This is actually my testimony but written in story form as it's also part of a book I am writing. May it inspire you and fill you with hope:

I huddle in my bed, safe beneath the covers, cuddling my pink, checkered pillow and crocheted blanket, its rainbow pastels soothing my trembling child’s heart, close to me. I think I once named theses comforters but fear stifles many things, including one’s memory...

The lamp-light shines golden-pink beneath the shade, the lights bouncing almost like round, ripe watermelons, a sweet distraction but...not distracting enough...

The voices. The voices...they swell like fearsome waves drowning that garden of light and watermelons and sweet goodness. The rising undulations of my mother’s and father’s voices, of their innate bitterness for each other, a bitterness rooted deep, wrapping their hearts, entwining those hearts together when they only desire to be permanently severed from one another. Those roots dig deep with their thorny spines, blocking what light struggles to shed inside, and that darkness veils my heart in fear...

But my fingers stretch, rippling across the surface of my children’s copy of the White Scrolls, smooth like a sweet, calming wave. The lamplight plays like sunrays upon its white leather, and I almost hear the rays lilting laughter.

Picking it up, I scan the marked verses, recalling the words of my teachers. As my mother’s voice reaches a climatic pitch, like wind screaming in the height of a blustering storm, the very possible fears cross my child-like mind, not in a panicked sort of way but solemnly:
“What if she gets so mad some day she ends up killing me?”

This truth passes through my mind, and with it, this other truth:

When I die, I do not want to go to Hell.

I pray, asking God to save all my sins, asking Him to come and live in my heart as my Lord and Savior so I can be with Him someday in Heaven, forever...

As if the warm waves of the lamplight are suddenly tinged with a new power, they rush up over me, drowning the screams and their fear. I am free now, at peace. If she does kill me, if she ever decides to go that far, then I am safe. I sleep easily, resting safe in the warm, calming palms of God’s hands...
I’ve felt that peace once since.

Once, after I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed, the doctors gave me this penicillin to prevent infection. Through a near-death experience, I discovered my allergy for penicillin—for all molds, actually. I remember lying in bed, struggling for each breath, wishing for the healing sleep to come and claim me. And yet I was able to rest calmly, though I possessed no strength to do anything else. How at peace I felt. I perfectly accepted the fact that I may very well die, may take my last breath sometime during the night and wake in that place of eternal day and, to my own surprise...

I was fine with that.

I talked to God during those times as though He hovered right at my side. I asked that He spare my life, but if not, it was okay. I was ready. I still am...

But sometimes I think we forget that—that He’s always there. Even now, just thinking about it, really setting myself entirely aside to just ponder it, I can feel His hands resting firmly yet lightly upon my shoulders, like a father or big brother protectively shielding that which he loves and swears to protect above all others.
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