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How to Test for Food Allergies

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How to Test for Food Allergies Empty How to Test for Food Allergies

Post  Chasmira1060 Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:44 pm

So, about two years or so ago, I went to this allergist and discovered a major part of my sinus and asthma problems stemmed from food allergies. Sounds strange, I know, but when you think about, things like asthma are caused by irritants or allergies.

So, here's how we did the food testing. If you think you might be allergic to a food, you can do this too. It works for any food, but we tested the seven, major allergy-causing foods: wheat, milk, sugar, yeast, soy, egg, and corn. SO, it would be best to test for these first. Here is how:

Eliminate these seven foods (or whichever you are testing for) COMPLETELY from your diet. If you are allergic to one or more, you WILL feel much better and have more energy. The way to do this includes not eating out at all as you never know what is in restaurant food, and also eating nothing canned or processed. All fresh fruits, veggies, and cook your own meats. If you do eat something you're uncertain of, check the label. Many things contain sugar, and sugar has hidden names like corn syrup and sucrose, lactose, other words ending in -ose. Also, remember that wheat is in many things from bread to pasta. You must be very careful in making eating selections.

Stay on this diet for one to two weeks. It takes about a week for a food to clear out of your system altogether.

When ready, start reintroducing the foods one by one. For example, on one day, you might decide to try milk. Try drinking a glass and seeing if you have a reaction. Do this for a couple more helpings. If no reaction, good. If there is a reaction, try to figure out on a scale of one through ten how severe it is.

Do this for each food--don't test the foods all on the same day because then the symptoms might overlap and it might be hard to tell which you are allergic to exactly.

Repeat this process until you know exactly which foods you are and aren't allergic to.

If you really want to feel better, you will have to refrain from these foods entirely--check those labels!--for a long time, maybe even years. But the allergy should eventually go away. Over time, if you cheat a little on one day, you should notice the symptoms aren't as severe as they used to be.

To prevent becoming allergic to other foods, you should participate in a rotation diet. You can gain new allergies by eating the same thing over and over again. So, set up a diet where you eat a new food at least every four days. If you eat a food one day, it will take four days to clear from your system, so this prevents build-up of a certain food. If you eat the food continuously, again, it will take about a week to clear out of your system.

Well, hope this helps at least some of you sinus/allergy/asthma sufferers. Overall, it's a lot of inexpensive common sense. And it can help you gain a healthier diet in the long run.
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