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Post  Chasmira1060 on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:37 pm

Pop a poem for us. Discuss the poems posted. Yup, here's one for you:

"So about cheese wedges,"
Said I while trimming hedges,
Then went I to find Samuel,
Who was riding on a mule.
"What think you of cheese?"
I asked, and he said, "Please,
Of cheese I've had my fill,
For, you see, it makes me quite ill."

"So about turtle soup,"
Said I as I hula-hooped.
Then went I to find Eric,
Who was munching a carrot stick.
"What think you of turtle soup?'
"I think it a nasty gloop,"
He replied with impish grin,
As he suspiciously scratched his chin.

"So about fried broccoli,"
Said I as I sailed the sea.
Then went I to find Aaron,
Who was basking in the sun.
"What think you of fried broccoli?"
"I think it a gross recipe,
For my mom cooks it every day,
And burns it along the way."

"So about squashed ham and peas,"
Said I as I chopped down trees.
Then went I to find Rachel;
What she was doing I could not tell.
"What think you of squashed ham and peas?"
"They caused me to skin up my knees,
For I dropped them all on the floor,
I slipped, and my favorite skirt tore."

"So about blue scrambled eggs,"
Said I as gathered up twigs,
Then went I to find Sarah,
Who was munching shrimps and marinara.
"What think you of blue scrambled eggs?"
"I find them as disturbing as cramped legs,
For they get all stuck in my teeth,
Even more than chicken or beef."

"So about kiwi pie,"
Said I as I swatted a fly,
Then went I to find Hailey,
Along with her twin sister, Bailey.
"What think you of kiwi pie?"
And finally a positive reply:
"Kiwi pie suits us quite well,
More than we could ever tell."

And so I give this lesson:
That the food upon which all should dine,
Is the most scrumptious delicacy
Of kiwi pie.
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