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End of the World: Solar Style

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End of the World: Solar Style Empty End of the World: Solar Style

Post  Chasmira1060 Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:09 pm

So me and my adoring, adorable bf were talkin' the other day about science and the Bible--I love the Bible, he loves science (I admit science is also cool. Sh...don't tell him...) and I came up with this interesting theory. It's strictly a theory, but I'm curious on others' thoughts:

So, we know according to the Bible the Earth will be destroyed by fire. Well, while planning a lesson for my third graders, I came across a bit of info. that said that when the sun someday goes out, it will go out in this big explosion so huge it will consume Earth. So...

What do you think? Is it possible the earth being destroyed by flame has to do with the sun's death as well? Because after the new heaven and earth, we won't need a sun because Christ will provide all light. Then I thought about how, at the end of things, death and hell are cast into the lake of fire which they can never get out of again. So I was thinking, what if the lake of fire is like a black hole. I mean, what if it really IS this big black hole? Then my boyfriend said that because of all the intense pressure, black holes would be extremely hot at their core.

Just some theories, but since only God knows how it will all go down, interesting to think about... sunny
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End of the World: Solar Style Empty Re: End of the World: Solar Style

Post  Sweedle P. Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:01 am

I won't rip on this theory [read: hypothesis] too much, as it's a great idea for a story. But consider this: Astronomers believe there are tens of millions of active black holes spread throughout space. Why would God need to create so many different 'hells' in the universe? Also, to form a more complete hypothesis, you may need to consider white holes and wormholes. White holes are the exact opposite of black holes: Instead of sucking everything into it, they shoot everything out. A wormhole can best be described as a shortcut between two points without taking any time. The basic thinking is that matter cannot just disappear, so anything that goes into a black hole goes through a wormhole and comes out of a white hole. Keep in mind that both white holes and wormholes are purely hypothetical, while scientist are almost certain about the existence of black holes. Finally -- believe it or not -- black holes are not eternal. They evaporate due to Hawking radiation, although the process takes an almost unimaginable amount of time.

Regarding the Sun, you and I already know it won't go supernova. WikiAnswers treated the question, "Will our Sun become a Supernova?" with this reply:
The Sun does not have enough mass to become a supernova because its mass is less than the Chandrasekhar mass (approximately 1.4 Suns) and it has no way to gain mass.

When the Sun comes to the end of its life (in about 5 billion years) it will slowly emerge into a red giant. The dying Sun will then throw off its outer layers, forming a nebula. The only object remaining will be the extremely hot core, which will slowly cool and then fade as a white dwarf over many billions of years.

Interestingly, the fact that our solar system contains heavy elements indicates that supernovae have occurred here before. Our sun is probably the third star to exist in this cosmic neighborhood, and our solar system formed from the particles left over from prior stars destroying themselves in spectacular manner.
How fascinating to think that our world was born of dying stars! Even considering the effects of the Sun gradually transitioning into a red giant, perhaps the change would be so gradual that we would adapt, move away to another solar system, or maybe never even see the change at all (as the human race was wiped out by another, more likely scenario).

See image below taken from the Wikimedia Commons.
End of the World: Solar Style 728px-10

As for end of the world ideas, what about this: It is possible that after 25 years, though no sooner because we would have seen it coming, a giant asteroid could come out of nowhere and knock Earth in precisely the right direction to turn it into a small globule of vaporized iron sinking slowly into the heart of the Sun. [Source: "Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers," by Grant Naylor.] How's that for the "End Times?"
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