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Homosexuals--and why Christians should love them as much as everyone else

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Homosexuals--and why Christians should love them as much as everyone else Empty Homosexuals--and why Christians should love them as much as everyone else

Post  Chasmira1060 Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:40 pm

Read this excerpt from a book I'm working on. Discuss the concepts presented--peacefully please.

“Master Crowder, we hear you dine regularly and freely with self-proclaimed homosexuals. How is it you justify this?”
A rush of intrigued murmurs. How I wish I could strangle them all silent. Sean takes a deep breath, and a ripple of disheartenment passes through his eyes, as if this particular battle is one he is weary of fighting and losing continuously. But he plunges bravely in:
“Good sirs, as Christian, I do consider homosexuality a sin just as yourselves, according to the Bible. But that is where my accusation stops. Did not Christ eat among and love sinners? Did he not provide such a perfect example in not becoming like the sinners but in loving and reaching out to them where they needed reaching out the most? While He did perform healings and miracles, He Himself claims that His main purpose for coming is to seek and save that which was lost. So ought we, to focus on witnessing to all peoples, including homosexuals, making the condition of their souls our priority.
“Homosexuality is no greater a sin than any other—are they not of equal horror in God’s eyes?—and so I ask why all the hatred and torment pitted against these people? Why don’t we love them and show them true, perfect, unviolated, selfless love—show them true Christianity? Why visit the prisons to care for the drunkards and murderers and thieves and adulterers but hate these as if they commit any greater a sin? Do you know what I cry to that? Hypocrisy—!”
A wave of disgusted mutterings coursed through the crowd, but like that wave’s white crown, his shouts only intensified, rushing up and overpowering:
“Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy! And do you know what else I say: let us not be guilty of it. Let us not mock and jeer, ‘They have a Gay Rights Club; what next, a Murderers’ Club?’ We should say instead, ‘We are taught to love and witness to murderers. Even so for gays.’ For Amiel does not smile upon hypocrites—He would will us to be entirely hot or entirely cold, never lukewarm! Matthew 23:27: ‘...hypocrites! for ye are like unto white sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleaness.’
“Thus, another issue of question, I believe it possible to be gay and saved. Such may be headed down the wrong path, even as some own a weakness in lying, pride, adultery, and so on. Also, thus, one who is saved and gay may have such tendencies and attractions yet remain celibate or find a partner of the opposite sex they truly love. The temptations may linger forever, but as with all sins, they have the choice to overcome or resist.
“So this is even more of a reason for us to love and not judge. With the freedom to choose, we could have easily chosen the same path. In fact, we do. Many of us succumb to desires for lying, vanity, some even murder. So, I say again that we cease hypocrisy—!”
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